Herolds Bay is a Holiday resort west of Malgas River mouth, some 24km south-west of George and east of Guano Bay. Named after the first Dutch Reformed minister of George, Tobias Johannes Herold (1812-1823).

Approx. 15 km from George, nestled in a magnificent and sheltered rocky cove where the golden beach sands meet the frothy, turquoise waters of the ocean. Herold’s Bay has coastal walks and trails ideal for spotting dolphins and whales. The unspoiled coastal fynbos makes it a popular spot for birders and nature-lovers.

Photography by: Wayne Holtzhausen (APSSA) Photography by: Wayne Holtzhausen (APSSA) Photography by: Wayne Holtzhausen (APSSA)





The seaside village is very quiet and its wide stretch of sheltered perfect beach make it perfect for relaxing under an umbrella in the summer. On cold days in the winter, one can watch the wild ocean from the comfort of an armchair near a cosy fire! Of all the Garden Route towns, Herold’s Bay is the closest to the George airport – only five┬áminutes away. All the attractions of the town of George are only 20 minutes from Herold’s Bay.